Machinery and Plant

We sandblast all types of machinery and plant from generating sets to overhead cranes we also paint (on-site and off-site). AS you can see on our gallery we have worked on all types of Machinery and Plant including farming, manufacturing, construction and more.


Marine Services


We sandblast marine equipment, boats, ships and other types of ship building equipment and sea-plant. We sand-blast steel, aluminium, fibreglass and timber hulls for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s for rust, rot, osmosis or simply removing existing layers of barnacles and preparing for anti-fouling; we sandblast all marine equipment! We have carried out sandblasting on all types of boat from small tenders lager projects.


Fully qualified and insured, we have the expertise and experience to restore everything from your farm machinery through to that piece of stone work. If you’re unsure how we can help or you want free quotation, contact us today.

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