Brick Cleaning

We Can sandblast or use a specially formulated brick cleaning solution that will not damage the brick work and removes unsightly atmospheric soiling and returns the brick work to it’s original color.


Our brick cleaning process removes dirt and staining that has deposited on brickwork. We clean the brickwork without damaging the brick itself, or pointing. After the suitable preparation (sheeting windows, etc) we apply specially formulated brick cleaning formula to the surface, and this is thoroughly worked in and rinsed off. The end result will be to reveal the original colour and texture of the brick face.


Brick Cleaning


Brick Cleaning: Removal of Paint From Bricks
The exterior brickwork of buildings can be transformed using our sandblasting methods. Whether it is used to clean off years of accumulated grime, or years of paint coatings, the final result brings buildings back to their former glory.


The Sandblasting system we use vary with the brickwork of commercial buildings. Refurbishment projects can benefit greatly from a clean, unpainted finish or water-sealed after sandblasting to not only give a clean new finish; but also make sure it stays that way! Also having old and new bricks ‘blended’ to create a uniform finish. For example it may help after an extension is added to a period property.


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We also offer a sample blast to a test patch to initially agree the standard of finish achievable. Soft bricks require a soft medium so as to preserve as much of the face as possible, whilst removing all the coating. Blasting can be done wet or dry depending on whether dust is an issue etc.


Removing paint from interior brickwork offers the chance to uncover the charm of old walls, which can add greatly to the aesthetic look of an area. It is also a method of preparing walls that are to be re-plastered or for damp treatment etc.




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