Advanced Sandblasting

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Welcome to Advanced Sandblasting Dublin

shot-blastingAdvanced Sandblasting is a mobile or workshop sandblasting service. The company has gone from strength to strength since it was established and now offers a multitude of services nationwide.


Specialising blasting cleaning of stone, brick, steel and timber, Advanced Sandblasting can bring new life into any house facade, plant machinery, Boats, timber furniture,Garden furniture etc etc The company is vastly experienced in the blast cleaning of all surfaces


We can blast at your place or ours.We can cater for all size loads with a forklift on site for bigger items.


We offer an eco-friendly solution on media blasting.


We are a proud operator of the most innovative surface preparation tool on the market today.


Advanced Sandblasting is also available to answer any query you may have, please contact us for more information.


Differences between grit blasting and shot blasting?


Sandblasting is often used to describe the many different methods we can strip, prepare, clean up or even remove the surfaces of materials. Although sand has been banned from usage for some time due to the dangers of silicosis, there is still a range of safe mediums to help create a perfect finish.


Other than people using the term sandblasting, the two most common types of blasting which are talked about are shot blasting and grit blasting. Both techniques use different materials as an abrasive but are nearly always put under the umbrella of “sandblasting”, to describe their purpose.