About Us

Advanced Sandblasting use a mobile blasting system that allows us to come to you, so we can handle your needs, whether they be residential or commercial. No matter how big or how small the project is, we have your sandblasting needs covered.


What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is an innovative and environmentally friendly way to return surfaces to their original condition, clean of paint and buildup, without any damage to the original surface. Unlike traditional dry blasting, it doesn’t produce dust or pollutants, and it’s much more effective than power washing. This process reduces heat and friction, so it prevents warping on materials that are hard to restore otherwise. It’s the perfect solution for paint stripping, rust removal, and to restore a variety of surfaces to like-new condition!


How it works

Sandblasting uses a combination of water and recycled abrasives to achieve a high powered cleaning force. Instead of releasing dust into the air, it releases only water vapour. This allows a safe environment even while cleaning is going on. It’s also incredibly fast and effective, leaving virtually no trace of prior paint coats, debris, or dirt buildup. You can watch the years come off right before your eyes!


For damp proofing we recommend our partner company http://www.aaadamp.com.

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